Best SEO Company in Chennai

Hourglass IT Solutions are the best SEO Company in Chennai giving responsible support of our customers. We utilize only white hat SEO methods to bring Organic Search Results for our clients. We give week by week or month to month reports to our clients. These reports will be straightforward and it gives guides to our customers.

Seo Company in Chennai

Keyword Research

Finding your target keyword is one of the most important part in SEO. We are the Best SEO Companies/Agencies in Chennai provide you the following keyword research services.

  • Give Insights into level of search volumes for different keywords.
  • Recognizing appropriate long tail watchwords for immediate result.
  • Finding suggestion keywords

Hiring the best SEO Company in Chennai will save you up on time and unnecessary costs. It is a false news that most people believe that top SEO Companies are very expensive. When you hire an expert, you are assured of the best services at affordable rates to the services. Top SEO Companies will advise you in good time on the services and features that you need to increase traffic to your website within a given time frame.

Our main focus for our client is building brand and visibility for your business through online. Hourglass IT Solutions is listed in Top SEO Agencies in Chennai.

Seo Agencies in Chennai

If you need to create a new website or already you have website, we Hourglass IT Best SEO Company in Chennai & Digital Marketing Company in Chennai help you with our SEO Services. Our SEO experts will make you to get cheap seo services( Best Seo Agencies in Chennai) to get your business online and brand visibility. A proper SEO always determines the online presence of your company and increases traffic to your website. Optimizing your website for right keyword will bring you qualified leads.

    The SEO process includes

  • Search Engine Friendly design
  • Website optimization for right keywords
  • Using original and meaningful content
  • SEO infrastructure
  • Good URL Structure
  • Quality back links to your website
  • Is your website properly optimised with above? Get your free SEO Audit

Our area of specialization

Competition Research

Before we start SEO process we perform extensive research on your competitors to understand their position and strategy. We use highly recommended software to perform this action and come up with new strategies to bring you ahead of them.

Website Audit

Google cannot read a website as human can. Website designed should be search engine friendly. Our audit report shows the score out of 100.

Keyword Analysis

Optimizing your website for right keyword is highly important. We do extensive research in terms of search volumes and their weightage to understand the right keywords for your website.

Content Optimization

A well written content plays a major role in your website’s ranking and search listing. Our experts write creative and unique content.

On Page Optimization

Optimize SEO infrastructure of your website to make sure it is indexed well.

Off Page Optimization

It is about getting the quality back links. The number of quality back links helps in increasing your website ranking on search engines.

What to expect at the end of SEO process?

Better visibility on search engines

Increased qualified traffic to your website

Qualified leads to meet ROI

Brand awareness


What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is the process of improving a website’s ranking and generating quality traffic and leads in an organic way. However in order to get good results, you need to make sure that you select the Best Seo Agencies in Chennai .

What are keywords?

Keywords are words and phrases which are present in the website content which make it easy for search engines to find your website. Keywords describes to your customers and to search engine what type of product or service your business provides. Choosing the right keyword is very important to make sure that your product and service is visible online.

How long will it take before I see better rankings in google?

There are a number of factors which determine the improvement in Google ranking. The search engines will need time to crawl and index the new, improved website and content. It can take a few weeks or sometimes even a few months of consistent effort to see significant improvement in ranking.

Can you guarantee first place rankings for competitive keywords?

No. In fact, no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google and you should be wary of Seo Companies in Chennai who actually claim to guarantee a ranking. However, we will use our years of experience to improve your rankings and show tangible results.

Why is ranking on the first page of Google important?

If SEO is not done for your website and as a result your website is not ranked high on Google, your website will lose its online presence which means you will lose target customers online. In order to increase your profits you need to increase your website’s online presence in search engines.

What if I don’t do any SEO process?

If you don't do any SEO for your website, your website will lose its online presence and as a result you will miss reaching out to your target customers online. You can start getting profits only if your website has presence in the search engine results.

Is it a good idea to invest in SEO services?

When compared to Paid Ads, Return on Investment (ROI) is higher in SEO. But for that you have to make sure that you choose the Seo Companies in Chennai. SEO is a solution to maintain long term ranking of your website and to generate more leads without a huge investment.

How much do SEO services costs?

Cost of SEO service depends on a number of factors, some of which are:

  • Competition in the industry
  • Whether the target audience is local or global
  • Age of website
  • Number of web pages in the website
  • Content of website

How important is blogging for SEO?

Blogging is an important part of SEO. It is a commonly used off page optimisation technique. When you post regular blogs with quality content, it will generate traffic to your website and it can also become visible in search engine rankings.

What can SEO do for our business?

SEO can bring more visibility to your website and increase your online presence. This will in turn help you get more targeted audience. Increased online presence automatically means increased brand awareness and also increased profit. The benefits of SEO are numerous. Contact us now for more information.

Why should I hire an SEO Agencies?

Seo Agencies/Seo Companies in Chennai can help your business increase its online presence in search engines. Following are the benefits of hiring an SEO Agencies/Seo Companies in Chennai:

  • Increase organic traffic for your website
  • SEO includes a website audit, which will help you know about your website’s performance and what needs to be improved.
  • SEO Agencies will know the latest techniques to get your ranking up in search engine
  • SEO Agencies will send a monthly or weekly report which will give you insights into your website performance

Do SEO companies build Websites as well?

Not all the SEO Companies build websites. Some companies help in making the existing website SEO friendly by optimising the site in terms of content, structure, speed, etc. Some companies only do Full Service Digital Marketing. Hourglass IT Solutions is Full Service Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai. We can build attractive websites for you which will be SEO friendly or we can also optimise your existing website and make it SEO friendly.

Why should I choose Hourglass IT as my SEO Agencies?

We at Hourglass IT Solutions are one of the Best SEO Company in Chennai & Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. Our SEO experts will help your business to increase its online presence and improve the brand visibility. Consistent SEO efforts can drastically increase traffic to your website and improve rankings.

Why are your services better than other SEO companies?

SEO is essential for all businesses to increase their online visibility. However you have to be careful in choosing the right SEO Company. Many companies can do Digital Marketing Services & SEO Services but all companies cannot deliver best results. We at Hourglass IT Solutions are one of the Best SEO Company in Chennai & Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. Our SEO experts will use their experience to improve your business ranking and to improve your brand visibility. A proper SEO is invaluable in increasing the traffic to your website and improving your profit.

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