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Simple Timesheet Application

Time against projects and tasks

Ensure that team members record time spent on different activity/ project and tasks for accurate reporting.

Estimated time for completing tasks/projects

Hourglass timesheet application allows for recording estimated time for completing activities and tasks to monitor actual versus estimates.

Total time report

Report on total time taken for a particular activity or project split by task. The information can help in assessing/evaluating time taken for different activities/projects for future reference. This information can also to used to assess profit/loss on a specific activity/project.

Project against employee report

Report against each project how much time has been taken by each employee to complete the project/activity. The reports can also be taken by employee during a specific period/month.

Holidays/leaves report

Record holidays/leaves for each employee and capture approvals in the timesheet application.

Ticketing mapped to timesheet

Capture time directly from the ticketing application to avoid duplication of effort in entering time.