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Standard E-Commerce Website : Rs.18,000.00

Professional E-Commerce Website : Rs.30,000.00


Every business owner knows that revenue is directly related to customer experience and satisfaction. If customers are not happy, there is no sales and no revenue. This is especially true for eCommerce businesses. eCommerce businesses should have websites that help them with customer user experience, generating sales and getting repeat revenue. eCommerce websites should provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Increasing internet and mobile penetration, online payments and favourable demographics has provided the unique opportunity for the companies to connect with their prospects and customers. Nowadays, people are ready to purchase their favourite products online because they are very much aware that the online shopping platform is highly secure and safe for money transactions.

We at Hourglass IT Solutions, are one of the best eCommerce website development company in Chennai. We design professional e-commerce websites & online shopping portals. Our team of professional ecommerce website developers & designers have a wealth of experience in e-commerce development services, with up-to-date knowledge of latest technologies and can create attractive custom-made ecommerce web designs to ensure your business success. Whether you need a website with a basic shopping cart (usually, for the small retail outlets) or feature-packed e-commerce website with a lot of products and pages, or more sophisticated eCommerce market place portals, we provide a complete ecommerce website solution.



eCommerce websites should not just look pretty. eCommerce websites are built to ensure customers experience effortless shopping. The website must look attractive, the content must be compelling and the customer should feel secure completing the purchase on your website.


Creating a strong brand is very important for eCommerce businesses because it creates a loyal customer base and helps in attracting new customers as well. A proper eCommerce website can help in building a brand image and as a result increase in brand loyalty.


Going forward shopping on mobile phones will be the new normal. It is therefore important that businesses have a responsive and mobile friendly website. It is also important that the websites are optimised so that search engines can easily find the websites to ensure it reaches a wide customer base.


Customers shopping on an eCommerce website expect an interactive experience. The sites should remember the products they searched for, the product they last bought, promotions, etc. A live chat option to resolve customer queries further enhances the customer experience.


Our eCommerce website development process has been perfected over years of experience in developing and delivering great sites.

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We start by determining and documenting the requirements and description of the website. for development, web tools to be used, etc.

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Concept design

We create sample web page(s) to give an idea about the look and feel of the website for the visitors. Once we get the approval for the sample web page(s), we go ahead with the website development.

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Creation of primary pages

The primary web pages are created in the language agreed upon (HTML, PHP, .NET). These primary pages are then sent to the client for approval and feedback regarding any changes to be made.

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Revision of primary pages and creation of secondary pages

Primary webpages are revised based on any feedback received from the client. Secondary web pages are created.

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Review and testing

The final website will be reviewed and all functionalities will be tested for bugs.

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Go live

Once modifications are made to the website based on client feedback, the website will be made live. At the point, we also add SSL certificate to the website to make the shopping experience more secure for customers.


Dashboard to give a birds eye view of number of customers, invoices, and revenue.

Option to add products by category

Option to add inventory of products

List of customers and their contact details

Details of sales made

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