Our Logistics software can be a powerful transportation management solution for the cargo management, courier and logistics firms. This software can be added as a plug-in to your website or can be used as software to manage vehicle transportation information. Logistics companies can manage their business operations such as packaging, transportation and warehousing effectively by using this web application software.

This is a cloud based freight management software covering the end to end needs of vehicle logistics firms, packers and movers who are seeking high performance logistics software. A single system to collect, manage customer information, report and invoice.

Highlight features of our logistics management software,

  • Cloud based software
  • Full control over your job summary details
  • Store your client information such as pick up, drop off, job price, status, etc.,
  • Powerful dashboard to manage the details of your driver and customers.
  • Effective billing cycle options
  • Day rate & variable rate management feature for vehicle drivers
  • Separate dashboard for service & tax charge management
  • Multiple customer accounts option
  • Powerful map view to identify the job status in map
  • Allows invoice detail management of customers and drivers
  • Manage your revenue details & customer reports
  • Secured information storage

Our logistics software solution will not only help you manage your business with ease but also swiftly respond to evolving imperatives of business, regulatory changes, market conditions, etc. And the best part is you can do this from anywhere with an internet connection! Our move management software helps you to manage changing company and external requirements so you can focus on getting the work done with ease. It is developed with a realistic view and challenges faced by the transporting companies and tuned by industry experts along with the latest developments in technology. Spend less time dealing with paperwork and scheduling. Spend more time growing your business with our transportation maintenance software!

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