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23 Crore Indians access Facebook. 9.5 Crore Youtube video views per month in India


Hourglass IT shares a justifiable reputation amongst the Top Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai with its client base spread all over India and abroad. Digital Marketing can make your business visible to a whole new generation of customers.

Whether your business wants more sales, or you want to target a new audience, there is a whole world of possibilities waiting to be explored through our Digital Marketing Agency services for Chennai and other locations in India. We use the latest tools and methodologies to strategically promote our clients business through various channels of Digital Marketing.

At Hourglass IT, we aim to deliver quality services at the right price with maximum efficiency. Our relationships and partner collaboration helps us craft the ideal digital marketing campaigns with maximum returns. We create specific digital marketing strategies which are tailor-made to suit each customer’s needs.

Benefits of Hiring Hourglass IT as a Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai:

  • Expert Insight
  • Cost-effective
  • Qualified Leads
  • Measurable Leads

Now that you understand the benefits of hiring Hourglass IT as a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai to grow your business, please reach out to us to plan your Digital marketing strategy and support your business growth. Ranked among the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai, we promote your business through all types of Digital Advertising, such that it easily reaches the targeted audiences for your business.

To improve your Website Rankings in SERP (Search Engine Results Page), reach out to us. We give successful results in a short period of time through our digital marketing services and strategies in Chennai, India.

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Our Digital Marketing Portfolio

Hourglass IT shares a justifiable reputation amongst the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai.
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From target segment identification to providing competition insights and from growth potential to marketing communication, our preliminary pre-campaign research will ensure that we are headed towards the right set of objectives for your digital marketing campaign.


The output from our top-notch research methods help us define time bound and achievable goals, and adopt the appropriate strategies towards achieving them.


All your digital marketing initiatives work hand in hand with our state of-the-art customer service teams. Our periodic evaluation and collaborative decision making processes ensure that we progress quick towards what we had set to achieve.

Our digital marketing services

Search Engine Optimisation

We help you stay at the top of search engines by increasing your organic ranking through white hat SEO techniques. We aim to achieve this by providing result-based strategies based on your service and location.One of the best Seo Company in Chennai.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Get maximum exposure for your brand by making your business visible to audience across the globe. Our PPC experts take care of your ad by monitoring and optimising the campaign regularly for optimal performance thus providing maximum return on your investment.

Social Media Marketing

We help you reach a wider audience through our well thought out social media strategies. We increase the authority and trust score of your website through various social media channels / Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai .

Paid Social Media Promotions

We can help you target any specific group of audience through paid marketing in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels.

Remarketing Campaign Creation

Effective remarketing campaign can generate more leads for your business by targeting audience who have previously shown interest in your ad.

Landing Page Optimisation

A good landing page will help convert visitors into customers. With our team of experienced designers, we create unique and bespoke landing page for your business based on your needs and the products/services your business offers.