YOUTUBE Marketing - easy to reach more people and to optimise your brand visibility

YouTube Marketing is an effective way of promoting business services and products on YouTube’s platform, by uploading videos on the company's YouTube channel or by using YouTube advertisements.

Your YouTube Marketing Strategy should include:

1.     Viewers Research

2.     Innovative Content

3.     Partnerships

4.     Connections Back to Your Website

5.     Calls-to-Actions

6.     Consistency

7.     Brand awareness

The following are some of the regular problems faces by entrepreneurs.

·        “You need more traffic to your videos.”

·        “Your view rate is very low.”

·        “Your social media marketing doesn’t convert.”

While every platform has its advantages, there’s one platform which many brands don’t focus much one, but really need: YouTube. So many businesses aren’t comfortable with delivering video content, however the advantages of YouTube for your business are undeniable.

Benefits of YouTube for Your Business

·        Posting videos on your YouTube channel will help users find you on Google easily.


·        YouTube will open you up to a massive audience


·        You can get Qualified Traffic


·        YouTube videos have higher Conversion Rates


·        You can use YouTube Ads to reach a higher range of audience


·        There are many ways to repurpose YouTube Videos


·        YouTube videos are enhanced at getting audience to act


·        You can optimize your videos to perform



Type of YouTube Ads 

=>Skippable ads

=>Non-skippable ads

=>Video discovery ads


Make the smart choice and start going Digital!

Hourglass IT is a result-oriented digital marketing company that enables companies to build brands, expand their market reach, and get more customers.


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