Digital India

Digital India

As we enter the year 2020, here are some STATS that will make you sit up and take notice:


-- Number of active YouTube users in India - 26.5 Crores. That is 1 in 5 Indians are active users in YouTube!

-- Number of YouTube subscribers in 2019 - 10 Lakhs, up from 300 in 2018. Massive increase in just 1 year

Regional language take up on YouTube has grown massively. There are 94 Tamil channels with more than 10 Lakh subscribers, 1250 Tamil Channels with subscribers between 1 Lakh - 10 Lakh users.  The Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam channel subscribers for 10 Lakh plus subscribers is 60, 35 and 15 respectively.

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook users are expected to increase from 31.3 Crores in 2019 to 44.4 Crores over the next 4 years. That is almost 1 in 3 Indians active in Facebook. As of Oct 2019, India had the second highest user base ( at 7.3 Crores) for Instagram, behind only USA (11.6 Crores). 70% of instagram users worldwide are below 35 years of age.


India has the highest market share amongst all countries for google search - at 96.63%. Google has not released the number of searches per day since 2012. Dominance of google is such that no business can ignore their ranking in google search. 

These are some facts that no marketer or company can ignore. The digital world is changing at a faster pace than ever in the history of business. Companies that were leaders only a few years ago are finding themselves in a tight spot because they were not quick enough to embrace digital marketing. While those companies that have been quick to recognise the opportunities to reach out to customers via Digital Marketing have reaped huge rewards. 

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