Which is the best automated hr payroll software available for more than 50 employees?

One of the best automated payroll management system available in the market is 4D Payroll Management Software by Hourglass IT Solutions. It is user friendly and pocket friendly software. Even organisations with fewer than 50 employees can use this software. 

4D HR Payroll Software is a cloud based software which means that all you need is an internet connection and a computer to access the application. Many companies are now switching to cloud based payroll software.

Using 4D hr payroll software has various benefits:

Ø Can be accessed from any computer/laptop with an internet connection, which can be particularly helpful during these times when staff are working from home

Ø There is no paperwork, everything is done online

Ø Reduces errors significantly since there is no manual calculation / processing

Ø The software can be used even if the number of employees in the organisation increase

Ø Since it is cloud based, data is secure

Ø The software will provide reminders and updates on deadlines and compliance. Read more….