Which are some of the best priced/easiest to use payroll software packages?

4D Payroll Software by Hourglass IT Solutions is one of the best payroll software in the market. It is a very simple, user friendly software and is also cost effective.


Ø  Can be accessed from any computer/laptop with an internet connection, which can be particularly helpful when staff are working from home 

Ø Fully compliant with statutory regulations

Ø Time saving to run the payroll process through 4D Payroll Software

Ø Employee leave can be managed via the 4D Payroll software

Ø  Comes with a payroll software APP for the employees

Ø  Minimal paperwork, everything is done online

Ø  Reduces errors significantly since there is no manual calculation / processing

Ø  The software can be used even if the number of employees in the organisation increases

Ø  Since the 4D payroll application is cloud based, data is secure and safe.

Ø  The software will provide reminders and updates on deadlines and compliance.

Ø  Easy to migrate from Excel or existing system

Ø  Provides tax calculation to employees to choose the right tax regime. Read more…  

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