What is Payroll Processing Software?

Payroll Processing Services Software is a software which helps companies to process payroll for all the employees quickly, easily and efficiently. Payroll is a very time consuming process and using a software significantly reduces the workload. It also helps companies in ensuring that all the statutory requirements are complied with and helps companies in keeping up with changing taxation rules.

4D HR Payroll Software by Hourglass IT Solutions is a user friendly software which is affordable as well as easily accessible.  

Some of the benefits of using 4D HR Payroll Processing Services Software are:

·         Can be accessed from any computer/laptop with an internet connection, which can be particularly helpful during these times when staff are working from home

·         There is no paperwork, everything is done online

·         Reduces errors significantly since there is no manual calculation / processing

·         The software can be used even if the number of employees in the organisation increase

·         Since it is cloud based, data is secure

·         The software will provide reminders and updates on deadlines and compliance

Some of the features of 4D Payroll Processing Services Software are:

·         Employee APP -- Employee login through mobile APP to view leave availability, apply for leave, download payslip etc.,

·         GPS based attendance system for employees

·         Set up different locations to process payroll for each location(Read more…)