What are the benefits of using Payroll Management Software?

 Payroll can be a daunting and time consuming process for businesses. Apart from the processing of the payroll itself, there is the added burden of complying with changing regulations and taxation rules. However, using a payroll software can ease all that burden.

4D Payroll Software by Hourglass IT Solutions is one of the best payroll software in the market.


Employee APP -- Employee login through Mobile APP to view leave availability, apply for leave, download payslip etc

Dashboard – it provides a view of gross salary, net salary and deductions

There are several advantages to using 4D payroll software:

Ø Provides tax advisory to employees 
Ø It is very easy to use
Ø It is easy to migrate
Ø It is fully compliant with all statutory requirements
Ø It saves time
Ø It provides tax calculation and helps employees 
choose the right tax regime (Read more….….)


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