How to Choose a Web Hosting For Your eCommerce Website?

Your online store offers the best products and services at the best prices. It has been designed very professionally and looks very attractive. But is that enough? The simple answer is No, because only if your eCommerce store provides uninterrupted service and upload speed, the customers will enjoy their shopping experience. For that you need to ensure that you have a powerful and scalable hosting service.

How can you ensure that you choose the best Web Hosting Services? We can give some pointers to help you choose the Best Web Hosting for your eCommerce Website.



One of the main things to remember while deciding which Web Hosting Service will suit your business is, scalability. When you start selling your products online, the traffic to your website will be less and so you can choose a low bandwidth. Once your business starts growing, you may need to choose a different hosting package with higher bandwidth and more security.

Server Uptime

In an eCommerce business world, you should ensure that your website is online at all times so that customers can purchase products at any time. For this you need to make sure that the server where the website is hosted has a higher uptime. If the uptime is not high, it might result in customers losing their interest and moving to another eCommerce website to complete their purchase. You need to make sure that the server has an uptime of more than 99%.

At Hourglass IT Solutions, we guarantee an uptime of more than 99.50% in our Web Hosting Services.


24*7 Customer Support

One of the important qualities of a good web hosting service is the customer support they provide. During website downtime, the customer support team will be your saviour. You need to check with your hosting provider to make sure that they provide 24*7 support and that it is not being outsourced.


Data Backup

Data backups are extremely important for eCommerce websites. If you lose the data or product listings, all your hard work will go down the drain. If your website faces any issues like hacking or data loss, the data backup will help you in recovering your website. While choosing a hosting provider you need to ensure that they provide regular automated backups.

Server upgrades

As your eCommerce Business grows, you should ensure that you upgrade your web hosting as well. Normally, a Small eCommerce website can use a Shared Web Hosting. The Shared Hosting can usually support 2000 to 4000 visitors depending on the server size, RAM and number of users accessing the different websites hosted on the server. However, as your eCommerce business grows and your visitors grow to more than 10,000 unique visitors, you should upgrade your Web Hosting Services. A better option would be to choose a Dedicated Server or Virtual Hosting Server.


Website Security

If you have an eCommerce business, then security of your customers’ data is of utmost importance. If the website is not secure, customers might leave the transaction incomplete and abandon their cart. Therefore it is mandatory that you install an SSL certificate and encrypt sensitive information.

Choosing the right hosting provider is mandatory for the success of any eCommerce business. There are a number of Web hosting providers in the market these days. It is crucial to find the best Web Hosting provider based on your business requirements.


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